whew. hey there. it's been a long time since i visited this space (i think that's how i usually begin both of my biannual blog posts), and honestly that's alright with me. i've always had a love-hate (more like hate-hate) relationship with the website upkeep/maintenance side of this gig, i've never really quite known what to do with it. 

i have a number of different loves when it comes to photography, and i think i've always felt the need to "decide" between them in order to find my place, or define a style.  but alas, i cannot, and here we are, blogging once a year when i feel the urge to share photos that i love. 

one of my goals for 2017 is to share more of the stories i get to capture, both for your viewing pleasure, but also for myself, and because these are stories that deserve to be told. whether it be weddings, soon-to-be-graduates, images of my dog, my lunch, my travels, whatever. some things are best left undefined. let's roll wit it. 

joshua tree is one of my heart-places, if that makes any sense. i don't know what else to call it, so hopefully you get it. i think i made the 2+ hr trip (one way!) out there maybe 5/6 times that year, but man, am i always stunned. particularly by the silence - i will never be prepared for the chilling silence between those towering boulders. 

here are some never before seen photos i took back in 2015 of my best friend Jiian in collaboration with Janelle for Being Skin Deep, if you click through, it's likely you'll find even more photos from this day and hopefully some inspiration, too. 



meraki (μεράκι) is a beautiful greek word that has no direct english equivalent. it refers to the soul, creativity, or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work. 

well, hey there! it's been a hot minute since i've posted anything over in this here neck of the woods (but what's new?). however, i love this set of images way too much to not share it in all it's glory-soaked entirety. if it seems like 90% of my photos are of this beauty queen, it's because that's the truth. for the last year and a half-ish, i've been part of the team over at Skin Deep, shooting strong, independent women and learning about their unique interpretations of what beauty means to them. jilian is our resident model, and shooting with her and janelle has truly become the most therapeutic creative partnership for me. these ladies are brilliant, bold, and beautiful, and they teach me so much about life and love on the daily. check out Janelle's post featuring these images and some important words here. enjoy!

jenna noelle

Meet Jenna:

Jenna is one of my newest dear, dear friends. We met in a coffee shop, but these days we prefer wine. Jenna and I bonded over a mutual love of art, comedy, animals, basketball, and quality beverages (see previous statement), and honestly, at least for me, it was love at first mom impression. Hers, not mine.  Seriously though, this girl has a major funnybone that brings all the dogs to the yard (see what I did there?)

But she also has the most ferocious heart. Listening to her talk about her passions in her Jenna way, with such zealous fervor, gets me all riled up and stoked to be a human here on this earth. She loves like nobody's business and feels everything.  She's real, she's beautiful, and she is such a gift to this world. She is also a photographer & writer, and she illustrates some incredibly honest and unique stories through her journalism. 

Last week we went down to the beach to snap some portraits on what turned out to be literally the only gloomy day we had over the course of a blazing (90+ degree) two weeks, and I'm really fond of the results. All shot on my grandfathers Yashica LM (Portra 160), I hope these portraits & words illustrate a little bit of the magic that is Jenna Noelle. 

Oh, and for those of you wondering what that little MP3 is doing up there, it's basically unrelated. Just a song that has been one of my favorites for nearly a decade (we're talkin, top 10, for the past 8 years). Listen to it if you like good tunes. If you hate pretty sounds and impacting words, you probably should avoid it though. Just warning you.

Thanks for stopping by!


jilian rae

she landed in my life with a smile on her face and the most contagious laugh you've ever heard. full of unsurmountable beauty and grace, topped with a stunningly joyful heart, this friend of mine is irreplaceable. 

back in march, we traveled to The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, CA., and just shot for the pure fun of it. all images captured on 35mm & 120 film. enjoy!

welcome ••

greetings, all! it has been quiiiiite a while since I have blogged, and even longer since I have been a consistent blogger (we're talkin' years...nearly two of 'em). some of you may remember my good old blogspot days, and the subsequent abandonment of that corner of the internet not too long after. 


now we're here, on a new platform, with a new website, and a newfound commitment to keeping up with social medias in all forms! I feel good about this go at it (which is saying something, because I really never felt this good about the other times), and I can say with honest confidence, that I am jazzed to get started. to begin with, I have a ton of backlogged images and shoots that I'm quite proud of and excited to share, that just never made their way onto the internet, mostly due to the fact that I didn't have a platform that I felt good about sharing them on (there we are, back to the feeling good. It's real!). SO, keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of weeks for that good good. 


I'm going to try and keep the focus of this blog on the images, but I am first and foremost a story-teller, so there will occasionally be posts of that nature (whatever that means). for the most part, I try and let my images speak for themselves, but sometimes, the journalist in me can't resist telling the tale to a T. I guess what I'm saying is; bear with me if I get wordy or overly excited or use too many exclamation points or parentheses (I really like parentheses). alright. let's get this party started.