jenna noelle

Meet Jenna:

Jenna is one of my newest dear, dear friends. We met in a coffee shop, but these days we prefer wine. Jenna and I bonded over a mutual love of art, comedy, animals, basketball, and quality beverages (see previous statement), and honestly, at least for me, it was love at first mom impression. Hers, not mine.  Seriously though, this girl has a major funnybone that brings all the dogs to the yard (see what I did there?)

But she also has the most ferocious heart. Listening to her talk about her passions in her Jenna way, with such zealous fervor, gets me all riled up and stoked to be a human here on this earth. She loves like nobody's business and feels everything.  She's real, she's beautiful, and she is such a gift to this world. She is also a photographer & writer, and she illustrates some incredibly honest and unique stories through her journalism. 

Last week we went down to the beach to snap some portraits on what turned out to be literally the only gloomy day we had over the course of a blazing (90+ degree) two weeks, and I'm really fond of the results. All shot on my grandfathers Yashica LM (Portra 160), I hope these portraits & words illustrate a little bit of the magic that is Jenna Noelle. 

Oh, and for those of you wondering what that little MP3 is doing up there, it's basically unrelated. Just a song that has been one of my favorites for nearly a decade (we're talkin, top 10, for the past 8 years). Listen to it if you like good tunes. If you hate pretty sounds and impacting words, you probably should avoid it though. Just warning you.

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