whew. hey there. it's been a long time since i visited this space (i think that's how i usually begin both of my biannual blog posts), and honestly that's alright with me. i've always had a love-hate (more like hate-hate) relationship with the website upkeep/maintenance side of this gig, i've never really quite known what to do with it. 

i have a number of different loves when it comes to photography, and i think i've always felt the need to "decide" between them in order to find my place, or define a style.  but alas, i cannot, and here we are, blogging once a year when i feel the urge to share photos that i love. 

one of my goals for 2017 is to share more of the stories i get to capture, both for your viewing pleasure, but also for myself, and because these are stories that deserve to be told. whether it be weddings, soon-to-be-graduates, images of my dog, my lunch, my travels, whatever. some things are best left undefined. let's roll wit it. 

joshua tree is one of my heart-places, if that makes any sense. i don't know what else to call it, so hopefully you get it. i think i made the 2+ hr trip (one way!) out there maybe 5/6 times that year, but man, am i always stunned. particularly by the silence - i will never be prepared for the chilling silence between those towering boulders. 

here are some never before seen photos i took back in 2015 of my best friend Jiian in collaboration with Janelle for Being Skin Deep, if you click through, it's likely you'll find even more photos from this day and hopefully some inspiration, too.