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the name + contact info of the person running your wedding day, whether it be a professional coordinator, or designated friend
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name + address
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Photography Details
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Anticipated Photography Start Time
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let me know what matters most so we can make sure nothing important gets missed!
standard family photo groupings include the couple + both immediate families together, and separately. please list the names of the people in your immediate families, as well as any other additional groupings you'd like to have captured. please make sure to notify these people where and when to report for photos!
are there any special family situations (divorces, deaths, etc.), that we should know about that we need to be sensitive to? any special traditions or special things that we should know about which will be happening on your wedding day? please share any additional information or details that you think might be helpful!
Vendor Information
we want to be sure to give proper credit to all your hardworking vendors! please include a contact name, email, and website.
any additional vendors helping make your day possible - lighting, linens, cake artist, make-up and hair artist, etc.

thank you for taking the time to fill out this information form! it will help ensure that everything goes smoothly on your wedding day. looking forward to celebrating together!